Map Your Day
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MiniMap is your urban survival companion. It simplifies your daily schedule and all you want to know right here right now, in one quick and easy radar inspired by video games.  We don’t just provide a map of directions to one place.  We provide a map of directions for your day and your life.


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Map Your Day

The Most Innovative App Your Wearable Will Lust For

Your Day on the Compass

The core of the app is a unique map interface inspired by video games and innovative map projection techniques.  It lets you find out exactly what you need to know when you’re on the go.


…and it’s also a Calendar.

MiniMap plots all the appointments you need to go for the day, with a powerful ecosystem of integration of multiple calendar sources.


Everything You Need to Know on the Go

We integrate with iCloud Calendar and Facebook Calendar, as well as Yelp and EventBrite.

Meet Our Geniuses

The Best of the Best from StartUpBus 2014
Gabriel Ortega
iOS Developer
Luc Succes
iOS Developer
Salman Ansari
iOS Developer
Kristine Jennings
Back-End Developer
Edwin Rogers
Marketing & Business Strategy
Madelena Mak
Designer + Founder

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